Drawing Back

The Curtain



Intuitive Soul Guide & Energy Healer

If your soul is calling you or you are currently facing a big challenge, transition or deep inner restlessness, and need support on this part of your journey, I would be honoured to be there for you.


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Transformational Coaching

Our soul keeps prompting us to grow and evolve, to notice when we are genuinely living a life that is in harmony with who we are and when we are not. By examining what brings us joy, what is important to us and what holds us back from that, we can take the steps that lead to a fulfilling, purposeful and thriving life — the truest expression of your soul.

Using an intuitive and holistic approach, I support you in deepening your ability to access your own inner wisdom and power to transform your inner and outer life.


(60 min. session)


Contact me about different packages available.

Intuitive Counselling

While energy healing is profound, sometimes it helps to get a more grounded and linear understanding of the challenge we are currently experiencing.

Using my own intuitive, heart-based approach, we explore together what will bring you to new levels of awareness, healing and growth. While this sacred work is not psychotherapy, it is a holistic way to healing and growing where we open to see ourselves and our lives through the lens of Spirit and Soul.


(60 min. session)


I offer sessions online via Zoom, telephone or in-person on Cortes Island, BC.

Energy Healing Session

As we grow and evolve our energy body is affected and may need to adjust to the higher frequency we are being asked to embody. By entering a sacred field together and shifting into an expanded reality we open up to Universal Consciousness and Flow.

Through sensing energy blockages, restoring harmony and flow in your energy field, activating new DNA strands and receiving messages or images, energy healing work combined with shamanic practices can help contribute to emotional, physical, mental or spiritual well-being.


(60 – 90 min. session)


Contact me if you have any questions or would like to book an energy healing session with me.


Weekly Inspiration

“Look! Look! Look deep into nature and you will understand everything.”

~Albert Einstein

About Me

My life’s journey is about healing and awakening and continuously drawing back the curtain to what is here in this moment. It is my deep pleasure to help others discover and express who they are and to share in the mystical unfolding of their journey. Through writing and photography, I share my love and connection to the natural world, it’s beauty and blessings.


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Photo by: Michelle Venne

My Story

Prompted by intuition and a love of adventure I left Germany while still a teenager to make my home in Canada. I moved often, experiencing many different communities and places of beauty.

My dream of having a family, living in a cabin on a mountaintop and homesteading also became a reality. Here, I discovered my passion for self-development, my inner strength and my commitment to spiritual growth. I started to listen to my dreams, to nature, to synchronistic events and my heart’s promptings which led me to pursue my dream of helping others heal and grow.

After receiving counselling diplomas from the Vancouver College of Counsellor Training I completed a two year supervised practicum assisting others on their path through mentorship and counselling. I then developed my own Walk & Talk sessions in nature, worked extensively with women and children in crisis, and supported adults with severe physical and mental disabilities.

My spiritual journey took me to the world of deep inquiry through meditation and shamanic practices which eventually opened the door to the energy work, intuitive counselling and transformational coaching which I now offer to those who are called to work with me.

My Writings

I write to share inspiration and support those who are on a journey of self-discovery, healing and awakening, who are getting nudged by their soul to grow and expand, to step out of their comfort zones and bring their love and gifts to this world.

What's new...

So happy to announce that I created a new Youtube video called “Occupy Your Heartspace”. I had so much fun creating this, putting together some footage of the ocean and then got inspired to include a guided meditation at the end of the video. Enjoy!


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Kind Words From Clients

Being in the space that Elke creates, whether in person or virtual, is a bath of light and clarity in this world.  At the same time, she knows the Shadow aspects of life we all face. In my experience, the purity and sincerity of her communion with the invisible — the world of helping spirits, hers and yours, Ancestors, animal guardians, angels and messengers — confirms the validity and effectiveness of spiritual healing.  I love lying on her warm massage table as she moves gently around me, a portal between the worlds — and then in conversation afterwards, helping me “unpack” the gifts and guidance of the journey.

~ Oriane Lee Johnston

I am so grateful to have Elke in my life as a supportive guide and healer.
I am continually amazed at the profound breakthroughs and expanded awareness
that I am having in our sessions. I go in forgetting and come out remembering
and experiencing my true essence. I feel profoundly held and seen for who I truly am,
which is extremely healing. The river of goodness, grace and deep inner peace

that is flowing through my daily life as a result, has its headwaters in our sessions, I am sure.

~ Claudia Raan

Elke is an amazingly powerful and unique healer, teacher and guide who uses her intuitive gifts to help people on so many levels. I have been deeply blessed to work with her for many years, and am truly grateful for her ability to hold space with grace and compassion, as well as gently helping me open to my deeper truths. The several energy healing sessions I have had with Elke have been amazing spiritual experiences that seemed to result in the release of deep emotional trauma, and left me with an awareness that love and grace really have been supporting me all of my life. Thank you Elke.

~ Michelle Venne

I find it difficult to find words to describe Elke’s sessions – they are beyond words. Elke works through energy. Her sweet voice is there guiding but it’s not about what is being said. It’s about what is being felt and what is moving energetically. Elke takes you on a journey where you get to feel your own energy field and source energy. She helps you clear any blockages that prevent you from going there. I would recommend Elke’s work to anyone that wants to come closer to their truth. Her gentle yet powerful shamanic work is a true gift.

~ Bella Krystal

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Send me a message to book a session or email me at elke@elkefinley.com

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Enter your name and email to subscribe to my newsletter and receive a free guided meditation for grounding and stress relief. 

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